Sln creators of sln interview with maddie theresa (founder of social clothing)

Meet Maddie Theresa (Maddie Maddie Theresha) It is also the Founder

We just sat with Maddie to find out more about her, "Social Clothing" and what's next

I always wanted some brands of clothing brands to be unique for Manitoans. Clothes designed by teens for teens, unlike the clothing of the company itself, for teenagers. The theme of "Manitoba" is inspiring. Many people do not see Manitoba's uniqueness and culture. There's a story called Social Clothing. The word "social" is good

To date, we have more than $2,400 sales in just 6 months, and we have more than 1,100 Instagram followers. The Hoodies were sold everywhere in Canada, starting with Edmonton, Brandon, Winnipeg, and small towns in Manitoba

This company was launched as a simple 11th class project, but it has become a full-fledged brand. At first we had eight people who were involved in the brand. That was too much. It was hard to find work for all employees because we were a small company first. At present, there are three people involved in the company, including me

Next, we're working on what we're going to do in the near future. This collection will contain whores and long sleeves, a couple of weeks after the liberation of the main assembly

The environment is what is really important, and we have decided to help with our brand. At the beginning of next week, we are implementing a program where a tree will be planted with each product sold. This will happen with the use of

Someone who helped me throughout this journey was my teacher, Suzanne Mathieu. She's one of the first to want me to start this company. She helped me so much through ups and downs. I learned so much from her

I keep a little black planner in my backpack for school management and social education. I've written all I have to do. I will puncise the code of each item, which should be based on which of them is a priority. For example, after I have written all the objects, I will highlight the yellow for everything that is the first priority orange for 2nd and pink for the 3rd

I'm going to do a motorcycle bike with a red cruiser. I love the bikes around the city and see the architecture and landscape around the city. There's something very peaceful about a biking

To deal with this unpleasant business, I'm trying to separate my personal business from my business. I always pay attention that critics do not criticize me personally. If my confidence in my self-confidence affects every business I have received, then social clothes will not be where it is today

I believe that the number of one skill that helps me turn this dream into reality is passion. If all you have is passion, you'll go far away. The passion is what makes people learn, grow and be better as human beings

Try something new. The way out of your comfort zone is very scary, but it's the best for you. Unique things in life that attract people. You also don't need a lot of money to start a business. I started social clothes with 72 dollars and a dream. If I can do it, you can

I recommend a book

I'd like to know how important the marketing and social media are. "Social Clothes" would have been so much more today if we started advertising the second business. I also want me to be as strong as I am. I didn' t think the company was worth it and someone wanted to get the goods out. My confidence level was low, backward, I would have done more if I had more confidence

To be honest, I don't have a role model. I'm just doing my job

No one will work with you

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