The long game: dialogue with michael rossi (president adidas canada)

Student Life Network has recently sat down with another successful business leader in the series "Guide to working with the executive management of the SLN". Read to find out that Michael Rossi was telling us about success

Your career is something you'll be working on for about 40 years. And, on the way, you'll be facing all kinds of ups and downs. Sometimes you get this right, and at another time you won't. But that's the beauty of it: you're the author, and you have to write your story. Russia has written a history of structure and balance, a structure in the development of habits and visions, as well as a balance when it comes to obstacles and losers. All this time he leaned over to say that he was "enjoying the trip."

The school is a journey, a post-secondary journey, and your career is a journey. It's not your failed exam, your low GPA or the job you didn' t get. It's just moments in a long, twisted, twisted novel

Compared to the way I am now, I was more restrained. I was disciplined and I was always good at school. I'm not very good

By the end of high school, I was working as a bat with the Toronto Blue Jays. It means that once you finish school, I'm going to go to a night game with either my parents or the TTC. I'd be in Skaikum before midnight, and then I'd be back in school early in the morning. I would balance these two priorities and never let my scores down. Even in the summer, I worked in a bank as a cashier, I worked in a bank as a cashier, because I wanted to have more experience with him, as well as a cool sports task

That's right. I was structured, but still balanced. I think it was the theme throughout my life. Like scientists, they were important, so there were sporting, friendly, and all other things that would be well rounded, balanced

Optimistic. Even as a little kid, I always felt that you could do anything you wanted -- that you could be who you wanted, and that everyone in the world had a voice. So, for me, starting to think about going to university was exciting, because it was difficult. This possibility would allow me to push myself. I was under strain to get access to the Western University to test it all

I've always had an interest in business. Where some people are likely to fight those who do not know that they are interested, and do not know where their path can take them (or if they are torn between several ways), I have always been clear about what I wanted. When I was at the university, I had three applications -- one of them -- York University, into their business program. The other two are at the Western University (one to their main campus and one to one of the colleges)

One of the things that made him a little easier for me is that I had four or five friends from my school who were also at the University of Western University

Yes, I do. Moreover, it is interesting that we all lived in different places of residence. He gave me some support, but at the same time, we all did our own things

I took the full experience and started living in college. Getting a fantastic school with so much energy education, and so much freedom to learn and experience, I walk into both legs. When I look at what I did there, what I'm involved in, I think that openness and desire not to miss this opportunity and test it to the fullest success and much of what I had

It's moved. I've always had rather high standards, and I've been very conscientious. I had a proven balance due to many factors. It works a lot. I'd say I have a pretty active social life. I had a great pleasure playing sports sports, and I wanted to make sure I got this part of the university life. So it was important for me to leave home and be in another city to do it. However, at the same time, I would say that I was able to support my scientists throughout this time

There's too much pressure on the scientists

The pressure comes from the parents, friends, the people themselves, the competition, you name it. To disgrace it, if it forces people to go to university and have only one experience, which is only academic. And if that's all they can do, I think they missed as much as they can offer

You want to know something funny? I ended Ivey without a mission

Yup is a graduate of my class. There I was, one of the few people who didn' t have a job

Just saying it to people, I think sometimes helps to reduce the pressure. It was hard for me because all my friends got awesome assignments with very well-known companies. They had tickets with tickets, and they knew where they were going. To the students who feel unsure how I felt then, I would say that this requires confidence and determination to dry him, to be patient and to go after what you want. That's why, when I see people feeling so unnerving at such a young age, I want to tell them that life

In general, I'm a quiver. However, I think my undergrove is one of those points where I was very aware of the external pressures I mentioned earlier

I was a bit worried, but I think it's the same big opportunities to look at your character and say, " Yes, I'm worried, but I'm worried about the expectations of other people. I am confident in my abilities, I am optimistic that this will work, and I will continue and move forward. " Sometimes these opportunities are enriching because they drag you into a bit, they drag you a little bit, and it's a pressure test for your character. But then you learn something about yourself

I mean, I knew that at the time, but I think this time will only strengthen what I suspect is your career is a long game. I think that at an early age, you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself that every decision and every move has to be perfect, and all of them have to be connected to each other, so when I look at my career and the career of so many people I run, you can write your own way. More and more I see people who have really unique career paths and make interesting things. Career is something you'll be working on for 40 years

It's not the place where you can cloud it in two years. This is the culmination of all the other experiences and experiences that you have. I suspect that at a young age and I was trying to say to myself, "Listen, while I can explain two movements down the road, why I made the last two moves, and what I learned from everyone, everything will be fine." There are many ways to promote career growth. There is no way, and I think it's more than you can take on yourself, and how you formulate what you have learned, and what advantages you get from it, and where you want to go further. I think it's just, don't worry

I think there are two things that I excel and govern: great people and the ability to learn. At every step, as before, I was lucky to be near the great people. I think you will be able to solve business problems, as well as ups and downs, but if you go through it with a big people, with you-in your team, with the leaders you learn from you and the people you teach-this is incredibly important. I always estimate where people are around me and the culture around me. And I think you're moving forward in your career, you can actually play a more important role in creating this culture

The second part is that I have an innate curiosity and desire to learn. I was lucky

15 years with the same company is a long time, but at the same time I was able to learn a lot about various changes. When we were reorganizing or changing our business, it was the most exciting moment because you were getting new things. You're a little stretching yourself. And I'm studying in a lot of things that are not related to the company, which also keep me under constant review, and do not leave my knowledge to date. I'm lucky to be in a company that supports this and makes it possible, because I think I'm the best leader in the result

I'd be lying if I said the brands weren't a fantastic part of my job

Yes, I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with the Reebok and Adidas brands. I love sports, and I love fitness. This is a beautiful combination of personal passion and business opportunities that we have

People again, I can't repeat that enough to work with very smart, motivational, creative, passionate people. As I said before, before we started this, if you saw the number of people who work or shared food plans, or food boards, or you go and play football on Tuesday night, it's just very exciting. I think, as a senior leader, the ability to shape what people think, and to instil enthusiasm and creativity in them, I like it. I think it's one of the most decorated things I get

When you have the opportunity to unite the great brands, the great people, and I hope you have a little creativity and inspiration around them, this is encouraging. This is a great opportunity

When I read, I mostly read for pleasure. I read a lot of fiction. I also read a lot of articles and things on the Internet. Harvard Business School has great articles. I have a lot of things in my tape, where, if I feel it's important for time, I'll read this article, and it will help me keep the current situation. One of the things that I would say, especially for young people, entering a career, when I first started my career, my wife and I joked because I was a very unsportsman

I'd go to the event, and I would often be a little cushion. But I think I've come 180 degrees ever since I had an active network in which I had a network

Yes, my role here is helping me open some of these doors, but I also think that when I go to events, I try to reach out to people. What he does, it just opens up so much knowledge for you. Sometimes it may not be today, but two years ago maybe someone with whom you are connected, who may know a great talent for your role, or perhaps they know about the company and the position you want to go to

I think you don't want to be in a position where you're trying to build your network, because you need it at the time. You want to have a network, and it has to be a gift-and-receive. You also want to invest time. I'll have a coffee with a lot of high school graduates who come from the university who want to get on the network.  A few months ago, I asked someone to come to me and say, "I heard what you said at the conference, and you really want me to turn my education stream into marketing because of what you were talking about."

I'm proud of these things because I think it's-and-and-yes. It's not fair to ask people for time and energy when you need it. You must also invest in this network

When you're in your career, you can do more. It's natural. I always tell people, I'm not shy, but remember that. And at any moment, when you can also help people, make sure the networks thrive and grow when people see you as someone with a mutually beneficial goal. If they feel that everything you've ever done is time, recommendation, energy, communications, and you don't give back, your network will not thrive

I've been involved in different things, and now I'm trying to be a little more focused on what I'm connected to. I think that, as you say, of course, leadership and culture are passionate to me, so I am trying to be more selective for the organizations in which I can share this experience. I think it's one thing to do in a lot of things. If it doesn't use what you can give, you might want to focus on what you're most important to other people

That's funny. I found out when I was young in my career, you could think, " Oh, I know better. These old people and their experience, they don't know what it's like today, and then I think that when you get your career, you start to respect the value of experience

It's not that what happened before is always going to be repeated, but I think it's an idea of what's going on from what happened that you can use to influence what happens in the future. People can accept it or leave it, but I think in general, when you are ready to provide this expertise and understanding, I think that people appreciate it, and I think that if they ever come to the full circle where they say, "Hey, remember that you gave me advice or performance, I used it, and that's how it turned out," which is really cool when you see that you've somehow done it

For us in particular, I will name personalization and customization. You know, when we look at 3D (and now 4D) printing, for a long time in our industry, the barrier to entry is production and supply chain. The dynamic system is now blended. Many start brands are interesting, as well as the possibility of setting up things and creating them in small packages. I don't know that he's completely scalable, but I think he intrigued me

I also believe that there is more and more that we have a connection with the cause and the importance of social responsibility. I have this place behind some of Parley's shoes, but our attention to Parley and the removal of plastic from the ocean and their reuse, sometimes you know that it's right, and you don't understand how important it is and how inspiring your consumers are

I often advise that many people express their love for the brand and/or their love for sport, which is a good starting point, but it's almost a rate table when it comes to talking to us because many people express it. That doesn't make any difference between you

What I always offer to people shows true curiosity about the business and in any given day takes the newspaper and considers the headlines and thinks about what these headlines mean for our business and how you could potentially be part of the solution to help the company in this. U.S. policy, tariffs, numerical trends, a new record of a new company from the United States, whatever it is-they should have curiosity about what is going on around the world and how it can affect business

We can teach people the process, and we can show them our story. We can show them these things. I think the nature and curiosity that they bring is what they want to make sure they're cross-secting. Especially when you are beginners and you have an interview for a role, we know you have no experience, so we do not hire at this level for a wide background, we type symbols. We hire for potential, passion and individuality, and that's what you want to make sure of it

Emotional intelligence, to start. I think that the ability to read people, the ability to read a room, to understand what people think, how they react to what you are doing in this business context is crucial

Many people can be brilliant, incredibly talented, but they don't have some hints about how you get support and support and cooperation from the team. I think the ability to have this instinct of human nature, the ability to communicate with humans. This is not a difficult qualification, but it is very important for your success. If you can do this, you will receive, and you will receive people who want to see that you will succeed, and they will help you succeed. If you can't do that, you will work on the roads, and you will be surprised why you don't get your dials for your projects and what you're working on

With increased automation and artificial intelligence, program skills will be more critical than ever

It's just that my dad has always told us as kids, and all the time, and I think because he's dead, I probably keep him more than he does now, "Enjoying a trip."

I think it's easy to enjoy a trip when things are going well. It's quite intuitive, and we all do it, but sometimes these are the hard times that let me back off and say, " Okay, life is bigger than at this point. It's just a trip. " Career is not one year or one interview or one project I'm working on. This is a collection of objects throughout this journey. It has always given me a good look that you've never been too high, you've never been too low, and you're trying, and you're living at the moment and enjoying what is in front of you at this moment and time

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